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Lauren Potts-Novotak (Owner/Designer)


My name is Lauren and I’m the artist/designer behind the madness of Lunalu Artisan Jewelry; formerly Lp’S Jewelry. 


I’ve been creating jewelry, off and on, since I was a young girl. I became heavily involved in my early 20’s and eventually came to the discovery of gemstones.  I was instantly hooked! I never knew you could get garnet in bead form, and so began my love affair, and infatuation, with gemstones; both precious and semi-precious alike.

All elements are carefully selected for their quality.  I strive to provide some of the best materials available to me in every piece I create. I like to center my pieces around the stones and work from there. I use Swarovksi Crystals, Czech Glass, and other quality-like materials to accent the pieces when creating. I find it fascinating that the majority of the materials I work with are created, naturally, beneath our very feet, even the metals themselves.


My work has been published throughout multiple crafting and jewelry magazines; mostly Bead Trends and Jewelry Affaire.  I have also partaken in some wonderful online events such as Happy Mango’s contests: “Bead Scarey” where I placed in their “Alternate winners”, and the “Bead My Valentine” where I won the category of “Love Me Like a Rock”.  In total I’ve had over a dozen pieces published and am humbled every time.

I wouldn’t be the artist I am today if it were not for the networking of some wonderfully talented, and ever so helpful, artists who inspired me to try different things outside of basic stringing methods. They showed me the beauty of the jewelry world. They taught me not to fear anything I was unfamiliar with but instead jump in and give it a try.


There is always another avenue to venture down, new techniques and materials to try out.  It is ever-changing with new tools and ideas being implemented on a regular basis. Whether it’s stones, beads, ceramics, metals, alcohol inks, embossing machines, etching kits, etc., there is always something new to work with. I can’t wait to learn more.

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